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Is Life All About Security?

                                                  By Kapil Kakar

We have been captured by this innocuous word security, as we totally lay unaware that we are destroying ourselves every minute by being in its captivity. Surely, we are all striving for making our lives more and more secure not realizing that we are getting insecure every passing minute. On what we are depending on will only give us the opposite i.e. Insecurity. We also believe that security will give us everything in life and the reasons to believe this is our present. This is to say that whatever I have achieved is because of striving for security. But strange as it is without delving ourselves on to the other side, without experiencing the other things we have so conveniently believed that what we have done is only the right thing.

Even Nature shows us Relativity, Good Vs Bad, Particles Vs Anti-Particles than why are most of us traveling on the same path of security and not even being adventurous enough to try the path of Freedom. Probably we think we can get Freedom in life through security but than that is not possible. Even the band ‘Queen\' who performed the song “I Want to break Free” would not have had freedom because they would have been attached to things like how many albums would be sold? Or will be song be a hit or not? If you think that you don\'t think much about of security think again you must be unconsciously surrounded with it.

Economic Security is the foremost one, which any young individual starting his career will lay preference on, because he has to become financially secure by being financially independent. He dreams having loads of money that will sooner or later shall bring him freedom and will live a good life.

But the security does not end here to his astonishment. Once he has achieved financial security he wishes to get personally secure. So he tries to be at his best, his whole objective being laying good impression on others and to leave a mark behind so that he gets good attention and appreciation from everywhere. He is respected and a talked about human being. So he thinks once he has this than he has nothing more to satisfy and finally he is going to be secure, hence free from security.

Once being personally secure he now realizes the importance of getting his child secured. Hence once again unknowingly he enters into the clutches of Security and he tries to find the best school that can give his child best education. Even after finding a good school he is still not secure as he wants to observe the performance of his child. Hence, once again he is insecure till the time his child gets secured and by than he is in late forty\'s or early fifty\'s.

All his life is devoted to security instead of knowing “Who Am I” and for what, to get secured compositely in the eyes of the society which he seldom does. He wants to make money to show it to the society; he wants to ensure his child does well again to show it to the society. And what is society based on? It is based on hundreds and thousands of individuals who themselves working on the same attributes as what he does being IMPERFECT. Are we trying to show IMPERFECT how perfect we are? Perfectionist can only understand perfection and Perfection is all about discovering one-self and not others, knowing one- self and not others. But we are pushing ourselves to material web of life that will only lead us to attachment and not Freedom.

We continue fighting the battles of life in pursuit of winning, we win some –we lose some but we lose the War, as we never realize we are fighting a war as well. And by that time it just might be too late.