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Is God interested in us?

                                                          By Kapil Kakar

We often hear people suggesting do this, as this will make God happy and you shall be rewarded or don\'t do that, God will get angry and punish you. But the real question is whether we can make God happy or unhappy. Do our actions affect Him? Does he feel the pain or pleasure through our action?

God being immortal why should we think our actions are strong enough to affect Him? Certainly He is not affected by our actions. He being beyond the three modes of Nature (Goodness, Passion and Ignorance) does not get affected by our actions. But we are made to believe by these very modes of Nature that our actions make Him happy or sad. As said by Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita In Text 9 Ch=9 “ ALL THIS WORK CANNOT BIND ME. I AM EVER DETACHED FROM ALL THESE MATERIAL ACTIVITIES, SCATED AS THOUGH NEUTRAL”. This clearly states that God is ever detached from what we do. He does not react in any manner no matter what we may think about Him. It is His Laws that act or react but they also do it in justified manner. God has given us the freedom of being what we want to be and where we want to go.

But does this give us a license to do evil and selfish acts. “NO” because it is a known fact that our actions and the results certainly affect us is in form of pain and pleasure. Definitely nobody wants pains but pleasure is what everyone looks forward to. And to attract pleasures and do away with pains we have to follow the Laws of Nature. IN Bhagvad Gita CH III TEXT(33) LORD SAYS: ALL PEOPLE ARE SUBJECT TO THE LAW OF NATURE. EVEN A WISE MAN ACTS ACCORDING TO HIS NATURE, WHICH HE HAS ACQUIRED FROM THE THREE MODES. WHAT CAN REPRESSION ACCOMPLISH?

Since we perform actions for ourselves and the human tendency is that if we perform good deeds we immediately think of good results we shall be awarded with. And if our deeds are evil we first confront the imaginary bad results by telling ourselves “we have not done any thing wrong” or “since the world does it if I also do it what difference does it make”. Certainly to perform any selfish deed we first have to look for a suitable excuse before doing so because one cannot do anything unless and until he is convinced with what he is doing.

We may think ourselves to be smart enough to fool others but we seldom realize that we are fooling ourselves. We can fool the people around, we can fool the Laws of Land but certainly we cannot fool the Laws of Nature. And this is certainly not about God being unhappy with us hence punishing us but God has made Material Laws and anybody and everybody gets the results accordingly. Law is same for all and is unbiased. Hence in this material world we should all attempt doing things according to Laws of Nature so that our lives do not become miserable. Create harmony with the Laws. Remember God is detached from our actions but His Laws are always looking at us.