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Are Laws of Nature are Equal for All of us?

By Kapil Kakar


Ramlal and Shyamlal were the best of friends. Both were bachelors and worked in the same organization as colleagues. They used to spend most of their time together whether at office or at home. Since their views were identical on life there actions typically followed their views. They both together, used to spoil the office environment by ridiculing and making fun of others, delaying work, troubling others and taking bribe. At home they were found mostly in a drunken state. Being firm believers of astrology they both once went together to a Swami and requested him to describe their future. Swamiji on their request predicted their date of death, which was exactly five months away. For the first time, both the friends reacted differently after hearing the news. Ramlal said, “Since I am about to die why not enjoy my life to the fullest” and he started drinking, womanizing etc. Shyamlal contrary to his friend said, “Since I am about to die after some time I will implore and worship God as I will be with him in a few months”, so he started praying, helping others, and learning about God. After three months Ramlal passed away, two months earlier than predicted by Swamiji. Shyamlal continued working, surrendering his actions to God and counting days for his death. Five months passed and nothing happened to Shyamlal. Then another month passed and he was in perfect state of health. Once again, he approached Swamiji and told him that his prediction of timing of death was totally wrong, as his friend had expired two months earlier than the day of prediction and he was still living. To this, Swamiji answered, “You both reacted differently to the news of your death. What I predicted was not wrong but you both acted differently. Had you both continued to live the same way that you were living than you would have died exactly at the time I told you i.e. after 5 months. But the two of you perceived the situation differently. Ramlal accelerated on his wrong actions and death came to him early and you applied brakes on the earlier actions and you started living a changed lifestyle of responsible and good individual and hence your actions got you away from the jaws of the death.” Remember, we are all masters of our action and we have free will to perform as in Bhagvad Gita In Ch=5 Text 15 Lord Says: “NOR DOES THE SUPREME LORD ASSUMES ANYONE\'S SINFUL OR PIOUS ACTIVITIES. EMBODIED BEINGS, HOWEVER, ARE BEWILDERED BECAUSE OF IGNORANCE WHICH COVERS THE REAL KNOWLEDGE”. Hence we can change our destiny by changing our ways. Think about it and start changing your destiny now.