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Follow your dreams

                                                       By Kapil Kakar

We need to realise that all of us have certain distinct traits or qualities. As individuals, we are born with different inclinations and interests. So, we need to choose a profession that we\'re passionate about, says Kapil Kakkar

   If we enter a field that does not interest us, we can never grow in that field. Lack of interest results in lack of creativity, which leads to lack of effort. If you observe closely, you\'ll find that even as newborns, individuals behave differently. One baby might be active, while the other is quiet. As children grow up, some like playing with cars, some with bats, and some with guns. This means that every child has different interests and inclinations. Similarly, while choosing and preparing for our profession, we need to respect our interest and inclination towards that field. So, introspect and discover your innate qualities which compliment your interest and choose the profession that you would like to pursue. Even after introspecting in detail you may face a conflict — like ‘should I go for medical or do I opt for bio-technology?\'. You may find that both interest you naturally. Research on the options, introspect by writing about them and yourself in detail, and see which field is most compatible. Money should not be the key to choosing a profession as there\'s no profession which does not bring wealth. Money belongs to people who focus on their profession. Remember, not all lawyers, architects, charted accountants have a good practice. While choosing a profession, do not get influenced by friends who have taken up the same profession or try to imitate an uncle who has excelled and made a lot of money. Also, there is not a single profession that can bring you success, money or glory without hard work. Don\'t wait for wealth to come to you but create wealth through your karma. Lastly, if your colleague does better than you, a crucial factor may be that he has chosen a profession that he loved and you had imposed the same on yourself unwillingly. It takes COURAGE to follow one\'s goals.