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Creating opportunities

                                                             By Kapil Kakar

Here Kapil Kakar sheds light on rhythm, initiative and awareness — the three qualities that are necessary to create and make the most of your opportunities.

    Opportunity knocks only once. In today\'s dynamic and competitive world it is imperative not only to avail every opportunity which comes along but also to create opportunities where there seem to be none. We often indulge in wishful thinking, desiring one man\'s lineage and another\'s wealth. It\'s true that some people are blessed with ample opportunity but paradoxically quite often such people fail to capitalise on their position. On the other hand, all impediments and seemingly insurmountable limitations melt away from the path of the person who goes about planning and controlling his own destiny.


It\'s important to keep your \'juices flowing\'. People often stagnate waiting for the right opportunity. They find themselves unable to mobilise themselves when the time comes. It\'s important not to lose your creative rhythm, zeal and enthusiasm. This will augment your self belief so you can use your skills when it is required most.


To create opportunity one needs to take initiative. Initiative to move ahead even when the bigger picture is obscured. Active initiative opens new doors when others close. Courage is necessary because initiative demands you take calculated risks and not get bogged down by the fear of the unknown. Initiative creates opportunities and propels a person towards his goals.

Being aware:

Lastly it helps if you are aware of more than just your immediate environment — your family, workplace, field of study and social group. Even if you maintain good rhythm and create opportunities by taking initiative, it is possible that you may miss out an opportunity simply because  you did not know it was there. It is not always possible to tell where an opportunity will arise from; you need to be acutely aware. Do not let it go by simply because you were ignorant. Opportunities are all around us; it\'s just a matter of spotting and utilising them.