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Pace of our Evolution

                                                              By Kapil Kakar

We evolve with each passing day but at what speed? We could be evolving too slowly which is an indicator of possible de-motivation or lack of purpose or focus. It\'s imperative to channelise our speed not only to catch up with others but also to resurrect ourselves and fill each day of our lives with a sense of meaning and purpose.

If we evolve at the average speed of mankind, it suggests that we are motivated, have hope for the future and a strong desire to reach to our goals, but keep getting mixed results, both in our favour and against us and are still waiting and hoping to accomplish our goals. We are slowly moving towards them but are a bit unsure about whether we will achieve them or not.

If we evolve at more than the average speed at which the mankind evolves, it indicates that we are beating the odds, moving towards achieving our goals, and expanding our experience and horizon. This is an ideal situation and is totally action oriented, with no space for procrastination or negative emotions. Ideally we need only 6-8 hours of sleep which means we should have 16-18 hours everyday to use constructively and move ahead.

The more an individual uses this time the faster he would evolve. If we sleep, say for 9-10 hours a day, we are already starting our day behind by 2-3 hours. This time is irrevocably lost. Our body ideally needs 10 minutes of rest to rejuvenate after working for 90 minutes. If we take a 30-45 minutes break, after every 90 minutes or if we are not able to sit and focus for 90 minutes this would suggest that we are not utilising our time effectively.

Lastly, after the time spent at work and sleep, the most crucial factor influencing our evolution is how we spend the rest of the day. Do we invest a large part of this time watching television, lazing around, eating or do we invest this time on ourselves by reading, introspecting, playing or indulging in a hobby. How we spend our time every day influences the speed we evolve at.