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Communicate with your child 

                                                             By Kapil Kakar

Parents find it difficult to regard their children as adults in spite of how old, big or mature the children grow. This often causes a conflict of interest between parent and child. It\'s important for you to communicate with your child and create an atmosphere in which your child feels comfortable discussing his/her life. Keep following factors in mind:


Children, especially in their teenage can be very persuasive emotionally. It is important not to get carried away by love and give in to any impulsive decision of your child which you may regret later.


Don\'t let your ego come in the way of changing your decision, if you feel that your child is correct in his/her view. Ego can spoil a healthy relationship. The best way to teach humility to children is to lead by example.


Always try and assess if there is a solution which is acceptable to you and your child. Keep your child\'s long-term interests in your mind.


Children can surprise you with their thoughts and feelings. Never assume that you know all aspects of a situation. Be curious to ask everything that you feel you need to know. Even seemingly unimportant details can turn out to be very important in terms of understanding how and why your child feels the way he/she does.


Don\'t leave any decision pending as it opens room for miscommunication, distrust, impatience and can mar relationship with your child. Do not be in haste but don\'t delay taking a decision inordinately. This may not be appreciated by your child and might influence him/her not to approach you the next time for guidance or advice.


You should respect your decision. If you feel that certain changes are necessary then discuss them with your child. If you keep your channels of communication open you will find that these new changes will get incorporated seamlessly and with little or no friction.