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Developing Self- control

                                                          By Kapil Kakar

Excesses, of any kind, are detrimental to our well being. Food, drink, pleasure and self indulgence can become obsessive and a person unwittingly falls into a habit of reaching out for them even though he/she knows that giving into the temptation will adversely affect his/her health and life. In such cases, a person subconsciously diverts his mind from thinking about the temptation and its possible consequences.

Constant reinforcement trains the mind to ignore such thoughts which may require the person to confront his temptation and weakness in giving into it. Soliloquy, especially in front of a mirror can help us resist temptation and develop self control. In fact even words are not required; merely confronting your reflection in the mirror and making eye contact is enough to communicate to yourself.

Make eye contact with your reflection while standing in front of mirror and ask yourself probing questions. "Why should I be craving for this?" Look in your eyes and search for an answer. The answer you are seeking will stare back at you even before you finish formulating the question. You will be astonished to see that if you do not really feel that your desire is justified then it will be difficult to make eye contact with your reflection.

If you still feel an overriding temptation and are not ready to accept the answer which your eyes have given you, then request yourself not to give in. Plead with yourself while maintaining eye contact with your reflection. Make sure it\'s an earnest appeal, your expressions and body language should reflect the genuineness of your plea.

Lastly, if that does not help, then stare back at your reflection with anger. Your face should reflect your anger and displeasure, almost as if you were expressing it to another person. Slowly you will find yourself being compelled to resist the temptation.