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Knowing yourself

                                                            By Kapil Kakar

An individual who is able to recognise and understand his true nature is able to do away with all pretenses

People tend to believe that they know themselves well and are aware of their true nature, a belief which is often convenient rather than true. At times it takes another person to break this selfcreated fallacy but it is possible to get to know yourself better through conscious introspection and by seeking answers from the external world including nature and the environment.

An individual who is able to recognise and understand his true nature is able to do away with all pretenses. His/her persona acquires an open warmth and attractiveness, which inspires trust and respect in the people he/she interacts with.

Accept the fact that there will always be a difference between what you think about yourself and what you are. The aim must be to minimise the difference or bridge the gap completely. And to do it successfully, you need to be observant, internally and externally and keep your learning curve alert and active.

Other people’s reactions can often give clues to personality traits that you might not be aware of or have an incorrect perception of. If people don’t like to mingle with you or avoid you then it can be helpful to try and analyse why that might be the case. Introspection on how you are treated by other people can illuminate parts of your personality and demeanour and allow you to make changes or amends if required. But this is only the case when you notice a particular slant in behavioural patterns with a number of people which suggests that it might have to do with you rather than the other person.

Ask yourself, “Is life being kind to me?” If your answer is in the affirmative, then it reflects on your level of contentment and positivism.

It means that you are aware of your true self. However, if you are not so happy and uncomfortable with life, this would suggest that you need to know yourself more, thereby making a synchrony with life