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Initiating Change

                                                          By Kapil Kakar

Change is quiet similar to time as it never stops and like time, it plays an astonishingly potent role in an individuals life. Since change is taking place all the time, one needs to also observe simultaneously, how is one reacting and coping up with it? Is it we keep adjusting to any change that comes our way or do we initiate a change in our favor?

One may either be in a hopeless and vulnerable condition because of the change taking place in one\'s life or if change is in the individual\'s favors he may most certainly like to enjoy and savour it.

If one strongly feels that one is being ridiculed and taken for granted and experiences insulting ruthless situations, it is time to initiate change in one\'s life. Rather being stoical, hopeless and having low self esteem, one need to initiate a favorable change in one\'s favor. And instead of hoping that "someday my life will change and I will also be pampered and respected" forgetting that life is too short for someday, one needs to create favorable change.

Circumspect- Before initiating the change evaluate closely, is it worth it? One\'s decision for initiating change should not be impulsive, hasty or in anger. The new change can also be fatal and one\'s objective is to bring dignity, Self- respect, prosperity and whatever one may desire in ones life.

Be Ready- One needs to be mentally prepared of any fallouts resulting from the change. Any change one is trying to drive will also bring with it, initial hiccups, problems and surprises. One needs to closely evaluate the reactions of people, who also would be affected by the change and in advance prepare one\'s response to their reactions.

Act- One needs to initiate the changes by changing and modifying one\'s thinking and action pattern to what was earlier. One needs to change one\'s stimulus and response in accordance to one\'s objective but not drastically. This gives the other person time to infer that the things are changing and will continue to change and he may start adapting to the new change after initial resistance.

Patience- One should not fool self to believe that the moment one initiates change, every thing would start moving in ones favor? One needs to realize the seed of dignity has been sown and the fruit would come in the near future. Therefore, one needs to keep initiating changes and wait patiently for the results to reap.