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Overcoming challenges

                                                               By Kapil Kakar

We at times know and recognise challenges but more often than not, challenges come unexpectedly. Everyone desires situations and challenges which one can overcome effectively, however, the truth of life is that challenges sometimes bring situations that can take the smile away from one\'s life. The real challenge then is in effectively overcoming unfavorable situations with minimal pain. The impact of unfavorable situations is so profound that it can completely displace an individual. Therefore, it is imperative that one deals with them with the best of one\'s infinite ability.


Never evade a challenging or unexpected situation. One needs to acknowledge it and be prepared to face it. The more time one takes to accept such a situation, the more one would brood about it thereby creating negativity and ultimately feel weak and lpless. Therefore, start acting on the problem even before fully realising it as a problem.

 Be fearless:

Fear is a major contributor to failure in an adverse situation. It creates hopelessness and kills an individual\'s resilience. It instigates an individual to procrastinate decisions and makes him look vulnerable. One needs to analyse, for his confidence by asking, "What worse can happen?" The answer to it will not be as dreadful as he may be behaving. Focus on what to do, rather than becoming the situation\'s victim. Therefore, whatever action one takes, it should be full of confidence.

Don\'t hope but create options:

One tends to hope against all hopes that time will heal or the situation will automatically disappear. Surely, time is a big healer, however, one must know that if one doesn\'t act and let time heal, it would take longer to come out of a situation and so the suffering will also be more. Instead of taking stress and hoping, one should enjoy every bit of the challenge by creating and implementing new ideas and options.