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Getting rid of bitter memories

                                                         By Kapil Kakar

Our bitter experiences keep haunting us even though we try to forget them. Here\'s a method to get rid of painful memories

Step I:

Sit in a relaxed manner with spine erect and observe your breath (do not try to control your breathing pattern, just observe). Look, how beautifully and effortlessly the breath goes in and comes out. As you observe the breath, you will come to a gestation period when you are neither inhaling nor exhaling. This is the state of breathlessness. It may just be for a second to begin with, enjoy that state.

Step II:

Think of the bitter experience that you would like to erase from your memory. See that experience in the form of a black cloud and see it becoming more black and dense.

Step III:

Now imagine a big golden door which is not only huge but also beautiful. It\'s embedded with lovely stones like diamond, silver, ruby etc, and you slowly open the door.

Step IV:

As you open the door, you see your god in whom you have complete faith and who you always wanted to meet, standing in front of you. Your god is wearing various celestial ornaments and garlands and looks unbelievably beautiful. You had never thought god would be as beautiful as you are seeing Him now.

Step V:

You see yourself touching god\'s feet and seeking His divine blessing. Now god is embracing you and you feel His touch as wonderful and ecstatic. You\'ve never experienced this before.

 Step VI:

Now you are offering at god\'s feet, your bad experience, which is in the form of a dense black cloud. You are seeking his blessing that it never haunts you again. God is blessing you and you see a white light entering your head and healing that part of
brain where this memory was stored and you see this experience dissolving and disappearing from your brain for ever. 

Do this with complete concentration and full faith. You need to do this once or twice, perhaps even several times.