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Meditate on your goal

                                                        By Kapil Kakar

One can achieve goals through meditation, says Kapil Kakar, the only pre-requisite being that one should execute the desired exercise with full faith. Follow the steps given below

Step I:

Write down the goal that you want to achieve. It can be a long-term or shortterm goal. Be specific in writing your plan, the profession, type of customers, etc, one has in mind.

Step II:

Sit with your spine straight, preferably in a crosslegged position, and observe your breath. After a minute start inhaling and count the time that it takes for you to inhale fully (count 1,2,3…) and suppose you inhale fully to the count of five; then hold the breath for the same time (that is till count of five) and subsequently release it in the same time (to the count of five). Repeat this for at least 10 times.

Step III:

Now invite an angel who you think is the master/ specialist and creator of your profession. Suppose your goal is to become a marketing guru — you need not invite Philip Kotler, but invite an angel who is a potent force and creator of marketing. Immediately you will feel the angel has arrived and now seek his blessing. Imagine a golden light entering your head and spreading slowly in your body (if you want to lie down at this stage, do so on your back). This is the blessing and wisdom of marketing that you are receiving from the creator of marketing and you start feeling confident that you have 100 times more knowledge than you had before. Enjoy every moment of the golden light reaching every cell of your body and facilitating every part of your body with wisdom and knowledge of the subject.

Step IV:

Keep enjoying that beautiful meditative state and thank the angel for coming and sharing such beautiful knowledge with you. Now, imagine your existing customers as happy with your services, recommending you to more and more people. Your business is expanding; you are not only achieving your goals but are extending your goals. Now slowly open your eyes and come out of meditation stage. Do this for 15 days and you will start moving towards your goal.