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Auto Suggestion

By Kapil Kakar

If you are one of those who have tried hard to be positive and optimistic but have not got the desired success, autosuggestion is the key which can help you unlock your dreams, and change your personality, says Kapil Kakkar.

Auto Suggestion, as the name suggests, is about suggesting to oneself, all the positive thoughts and changes, we wish were a part of us.

Therefore we need to suggest to our mind, that we are actually realizing those cravings and unfulfilled desires. We need to programme our mind to think positively, by saying “I am Successful”, “I am wealthy”, “I am Healthy”, “I am at peace with myself”, “My Boss is happy with me” etc. Aspects of our personality we have wanted to improve, we need to auto-suggest eg. “I am Confident”, My Communication skills are great”, “People love me for what I am”...

It is imperative for us to autosuggest as if these unfulfilled desires are already happening with us (Positive Thinking) in our lives and not that you wish that they would happen (Hope). We need to tell our mind that we are ALREADY experiencing success, wealth, money whatever we are looking for. And yes we need to do it without doubting this powerful technique.

It is also important to consider what time of the day we are auto suggesting, so that we can reap maximum benefit from it. The best time to autosuggest is as soon as we get up in the morning as our mind is not very alert then and our brain is in the Alfa stage. Also we need to repeat it at night before we fall asleep. Hence, we need to do it twice a day, regularly with full faith and your life will change.ll desire to evolve and attempt to make our lives better but we often fall short of our desires. In order to evolve, our first step should be to quit desiring. Desire is a manifestation of our craving, which we wish to accomplish some day and it further creates expectations from everyone in and around us including ourselves.