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Be humble and deflate the ego

                                                               By Kapil Kakar
When one starts learning something new, one starts acknowledging the need to know more. This is the time when one becomes more unassuming and ego is deflated, says Dr Kapil Kakar

   Individuals tend to design and display a self-image. At times we form an ostentatious image about ourselves especially when we are doing well in life and success coming our way naturally. This is when one overestimates oneself and inflates their accomplishments, often appearing boastful in turn underestimate or devalue the abilities and accomplishments of others.

Killing/deflating inflated ego
Learn something new: Learning new things makes a person humble. When one starts learning something new, one starts acknowledging the need to know more. This is the time one becomes more unassuming and ego is deflated. One comprehends that whatever one was thinking about self was just a part and not the whole.
   Clean: Should start cleaning one’s house especially the washroom. Associating oneself with a task thought to be the most ordinary helps in realizing how ordinary one is.

   Do not instruct: Instead of directing people and asking them to get things done for you, one should create the opportunity of pouring water for self or calling someone on his/her own. This again keeps one grounded. Also, avoid giving unilateral directions to subordinates without taking their consent and suggestion.
   Anonymous donation: While donating one shouldn’t make it feel/look like an act of favour done to others. Do it as your duty towards mankind and try donating alone.
Anonymous donation actually works in killing the inflated ego.
   Sitting posture: Person with inflated ego tends to spread their legs and sit in a relaxed manner as if slouching especially when sitting in front of others displaying grandiosity. This gives self-imagery of pomposity making others look small. Try sitting straight without the support of the chair while sitting with subordinates.

   Tone of the voice: Tone of voice is the reflection of attitude. If the tone of the voice is loud than it may sound threatening. To deflate ego, one should speak softly and the voice should depict concern and not authority.
   Riding an elephant or a horse also ground the ego as one realizes that there are more bigger and potent things around.