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Potency of Meditation


                                                                                                                   Dr Kapil Kakar

Though the comportment of meditation is important, however, the intention, honesty and dedication one performs with are crucial, says Dr Kapil Kakar

   Potency of meditation is highly recognized and is unmatched. Research shows people who meditate have been found to increase thickness in parts of brain dealing with attention and sensory inputs and more activity in left prefrontal cortex which is related to concentration and feeling good factors... In spite of people acknowledging the importance and potency of meditation, it is invariably taken as a paramount task which is naturally compatible to few people. However, meditation is not difficult if the interest is generated in a planned manner.

Read spiritual stories & autobiographies

The first step in creating interest in meditation is by reading spiritual stories. Not necessarily one needs to read profound spiritual literatures; one can read autobiographies of great saints to start with. This process enhances motivation towards the entire process of meditation since they share their experiences. Further, it instills a curiosity in knowing and comprehending nature and other metaphysical happenings and helps in understanding its soundness.


Before eating meals offer it to the divine. This helps one not only in building a connection with the divine but also gives joy and contentment.

Action & surrender

All actions performed should be done as a duty towards the divine. By doing so not only one performs for the almighty but also surrenders the result of ones act.

Meditate at a particular time and place

 Choose that time of the day when one is fairly free and the surrounding is peaceful. The best time is early in the morning or late at night. Also ensure that one meditates in a particular place as this helps creating a disciplinary space only for meditation.

Only observe

Keep observing the thoughts while meditating but don’t penetrate into them. Doing so would effectively upshot into replacements of thoughts which one only observes and not penetrates into. This is a sign of progressive meditation. It takes one to stage of mindlessness that one starts feeling in 2-3 weeks time.