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   Yoga to strengthen determination


                                                                                         By Dr. Kapil Kakar

Determination is a trait that ignites fire in the person, prepares him and sets him for tasks in life. It stretches the human ability and focus and leads one to his destination, says Dr Kapil Kakar

    Determination bridges the gap between purpose, aim and objectives in life. Further, it strengthens the other pillars to success. It stretches the human ability and focus and leads to ones destination. If one does not have fire in his belly to accomplish one’s purpose, sooner or later one will see the purpose diminishing. Determination is the trait, which ignites fire in the person, prepares him and sets him up for the tasks in life. However, determination needs to be inculcated. Following are the steps to induce determination.

Spine straight -Sit in comfortable position be it on a bed or a chair; however keep your spine straight. Correct you posture by putting your back upright stomach sucked in and chest out.

Visualize -Visualize your immediate goals and keep imagining your efforts towards it. Envision every bit, like the work you are doing in order to achieve them. Imagine the things you would, and would not like to do but you still do it to achieve your goal. Keep piercing and go deeper and deeper. This should be done at least for five minutes.

Eyes Fixed -Keep your eyes open but fixed at a point. It could be a corner of a room or any object. Try and ensure your eyeballs do not move and you continue gazing the same spot.

Breathe - Now focus on your breath and regulate it. Try to control the breathing and not let it happen naturally. Inhale hard so that you hear the sound of your breath. Similarly, while breathing out you need to control your breath and you will hear a sound. Make sure there is a minimum gap between inhalation and exhalation.

Duration - One must inhale for two seconds and exhale, almost for the same duration. Start the process by taking 10-12 small controlled breaths and slowly breathe deeper and deeper. You may perform it for 5-8 seconds. This entire activity would take anywhere from 10-15 minutes.