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Mind Coach software

Mind Coach software

Mind Coach

What is Mind Coach?     
Our emotions have an enormous impact on our life and its events. More often than not these emotions overpower us. Whether its anger, fear, uncertainty, decision making or stress; the surge of these negative emotions make us helpless and thus ineffective. We need some quick ways to control these emotions, channelize the energy and deal with situations effectively, especially when there are about 60,000 thoughts crossing our mind every day.

Mind Coach through scientifically researched psychological questions and solutions stimulates your Brain to answer without you having to make the genuine attempt to answer it and slowly it takes you to a highly cognitive and rationale level. E.g. if we were to ask you your name or where you stay or your favourite colour, you would not have to think and answer since your brain responds to these questions automatically. Similarly, in Mind coach there are brain stimulating questions, statements and solutions which overpowers your negative emotion and subsequently you exit it.Mind Coach is a mobile software that helps to confront and regenerate the unpleasant emotions into desired positive behavior.

Details include, dealing with ten types of emotions: anger; fear; uncertainty; stress; decision making; delaying decision; under confidence; anxiety; avoiding; and impatience, assessing the level of emotion, addressing the underlying causes, and techniques to effectively deal and come out of the particular emotion. The usage is through cellular phone and is ready to help you at anytime.

Accessible 24X7
Mind Coach is prepared to assist you with each and every issue bothering you at any time of the day. It stays with you through your mobile.

Mind Coach assists you in day to day problems
Whether we like it or not it is quiet natural to have both negative and positive emotions coming to us everyday especially when we have a towering 60,000 thoughts coming to our mind. Mind Coach helps you when you require it the most i.e. when you are being bothered by negative emotions like Anger, Stress, Uncertainty, Anxiety, Fear, Decision Making, etc.

Relationship Building
A lot of times we don’t have answers to the problems when they are required the most thereby affecting our relationships. Mind coach here comes in handy as it guides you with solutions thereby not only strengthening the relationships but also bridging the emotional gaps.

Saves Times and Money
Needless to say Time is Money. Often we tend to delay or overlook our emotions and decisions in the hope that in near future we will find out the right way to handle the situation and come to a conclusion. However, the near future turns into a disappearing future as we continue to hold on to the negative emotion or indecision. Mind Coach here helps by not letting you ponder unnecessarily and, do away with undesired emotions and hence take appropriate decisions.

Increases Productivity
Imagine that you are always fresh and in a good mood with no unpleasant emotions disturbing you. The crazy question here is How would you feel? Of course, your answer is very good and when you are devoid of negative emotions your productivity is bound to increase, since there are no negative emotions inside you, your brain has nothing negative to process.

There may be certain embarrassing situations, ugly moments or unfavorable circumstances that we may not want to confide in any one but resolve it ourself. Mind Coach helps you find the solution for the undesired situations very smoothly and you would not have to go through the discomfort of sharing it with someone. Your privacy is protected, thanks to Mind Coach.


How does MindCoach help?     

MindCoach is a software that helps one to live happily and increase productivity of self and others. The scientifically designed questions assists one, cope with current challenges and difficulties and come out as a winner. It helps one to enjoy life to the fullest by empowering to find solutions which otherwise one may find difficult to discover.
The challenge all of us  face is to deal with the negative emotions which tend to quietly destroy the life and its realization comes only when we are at the threshold. These unassumingly innocuous negative emotions are the ones which make life unpredictable. As individuals, we are so used to living with them almost everyday and we have seen them come and go on its own several times, making us feel helpless, hopeless and almost convincing us that they are part of our lives, thus, we need to accept them and we cannot do anything about them. We don’t value the power they contain to either make our living constructive or destructive.
Psychologically it has been seen that each individual is resourceful and has the ability to overcome any emotion. However, one may not be able to since he does not know How to overcome it. There are scientific Psychological methods which bring an individual out of a powering emotion which he wants to get rid of. And that method is 'empowering self by introspection'.
Usually what happens when an individual is gripped with anger or fear, he is so riveted by it that he keeps looking at the problem or continues to feel hatred towards the person and does not think about the solution. We follow a method of empowering the individual to come out of the said emotion by asking certain questions along with some techniques of attaining solutions. With every question that  a person answers internally it makes him feel better and by the end of the exercise, he is liberated from the clutches of the negative emotion.
The emotions that Mind Coach covers are Anger, Anxiety, Fear, Under confidence, Stress, Uncertainty, Decision Making, Impatience, Delaying Decision, Avoiding. Mind coach has very friendly yet highly introspective questions. You can download Mind Coach on your mobile and stay at ease always.



Q.    Will it work on my mobile?
Ans. Yes, MindCoach is a java software and it can be successfully downloaded on GSM phones. The size of this software is 839 kb.

Q.    Does my mobile phone need any specific settings?
Ans. Your mobile phone needs GPRS activation to download MindCoach.

Q.    Can I download it on my computer?
Ans. MindCoach has to be downloaded through internet but it cannot be saved or run on a computer. 

Q.    How do I pay?
Ans. Payment can be done through Credit/Debit/Visa card or by Draft/Cheque:

For credit cards buyers: Just click on “buy mindcoach”, register yourself. You will receive a registration message. Then go to the payment gateway through the website and do the payment. 
For non credit cards buyers: You can send us a check or a draft in the name of “Centre for Evolutionary Growth” to
E-33, Jangpura Extn.
Ph-011-24317277, 011-65290068.
In case of cheque, the download details for MindCoach will be sent across following cheque clearance.

Q.    Can I download it now?
Ans. Yes. You can register with us at anytime and make the payment through payment gateway.

Q.  How will I receive the upgrades?

Ans. We have the list of all our customers and thus you will receive the updates regarding the upgraded versions of MindCoach on your email address.


Invented by     

Mind Coach has been invented and designed by IPSSR Pvt Ltd under the able guidance of Dr. Kapil Kakar (Psychologist, Counselor, Corporate Trainer& Author) who has trained more than 40,000 people from all walks of life and has written several articles for Mind, Body and Soul column which come s in The Times of India Every day. He has also been widely covered by leading Newspapers across India. He is the Author of books Secrets of Success and Channelizing self for success published by Diamond Pocket Book and MBD respectively.


Steps to download Mind Coach     
Step I : Click on "Buy MindCoach Software" and register yourself. You will recieve an SMS on successful Registration.

Step II : Buy Mind Coach through our Payment Gateway or Demand Draft or Cheque. Incase of online payment, you will receive another SMS confirming the payment immediately.

Step III : You will receive the final SMS from our side consisting of URL, username and password.

Step IV : Kindly go to the download page by copying or typing this URL on your mobile internet browser.

Step V : Type Username and Password, and Log in.

Step VI : After successfully logging in, it says Download Mind Coach Full Version for All Mobile, Full version of Black Berry or for basic mobiles.

Please Note

1. Try to download the Mind Coach Full Version All Mobile options and incase you are unable to, then download the basic mobile version.

2. In basic mobile version you will have to download each emotion individually, however, most of the phones are compatible for full version All mobile.
3. Incase of Drafts the SMS consisting of URL, Username and Passsword will be sent on your mobile on Recieving the draft and incase of Cheques, the SMS will be sent on clearance of the cheque.

4. Name and address for DD and Cheque:

Centre for Evolutionary Growth
E-33, Jungpura Extn,
New Delhi - 110014.