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Disciplined? Am I?

1. If someone is not on time I feel irritated

    a) True      b) Maybe      c) False

2. I feel uncomfortable when I don’t wear clothes/ outfits in the right combination

    a) Sometimes      b) Never      c) Always

3. Even if I am full, I still finish the leftover meal on my plate.

    a) Always      b) Sometimes      c) Never

4. There is a strong feeling of guilt in me when I am not able to honor my commitment.

    a) Sometimes      b) Never      c) Always

5. I get up and sleep everyday almost at the same time.

    a) Sometimes      b) Never      c) Always

6. Doing the same things with not many changes, makes life boring.

    a) False      b) Maybe      c) True

7. The thought of work keeps worrying me, even though I have time to complete it.

    a) Maybe      b) False      c) True

8. People say that they can trust me easily

    a) True      b) Maybe      c) False

9. In school, I was rarely punished

    a) Never      b) Sometimes      c) Always

10. I tend to complete my assignments and projects on time

    a) Sometimes      b) Never      c) Always

11. On being late and when enquired, I would lie and make excuses and justify them.

    a) Maybe      b) True      c) False

12. I take few people seriously.

    a) False      b) Maybe      c) True

Give yourself: a-10, b-5, c-0 for Question no’s 1,3,6,8,9,12
Give yourself: a-5, b-0, c-10 for Question no’s 2, 4,5,7,10,11


Alas, the time has come to start regulating your actions and make yourself accountable for every rule and promise you make to self. As you are preparing yourself and on the verge of entering into a disciplined and professional world, you have little time left to change your act. It is important for you to get convinced about the concept of discipline and follow it religiously.


Good that you are in the process of understanding, the importance of discipline and taking it forward in your life. Keep up the good work. However, this is just the beginning, as you at times, tend to fall into the trap of indiscipline, which you need to eliminate completely. You decide whether to enforce discipline or not, according to priority or importance of work. Please remember, every good or bad starts with anything that is seemingly ‘small’, therefore, be equally disciplined about all things including unimportant ones as you would be even more appreciated for them.


Kudos to you. At this young age, you have imbibed the art of discipline. The world out there is waiting for people like you with open arms. By the virtue of your disciplined nature, you will not just be appreciated, but will go a long way to achieve great success. You have a bright future, as today’s world looks forward to people like you who are committed, flexible and adaptable. You would be every bosses delight.