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How Ambitious Am I?

Given below are the questions that will help you to assess how ambitious you are.

All the sayings and the proverbs are just theories.
    a) Maybe             b) True                       c) False

One should think practically and within a limit and should not get carried away.
    a) False              b) Maybe                    c) True

One should wait for things to happen and not get excited about them.
    a)  False             b) Maybe                   c) True

Clearing Entrance Exams is a matter of luck.
    a) Sometimes    b) Always                c) Never

I am desperate to expand my comfort zone.
    a) Sometimes                b) Never          c) Always

I believe in involving self with tasks not related to me.
    a) Always         b) Sometimes   c) Never

Taking high amount of pressure and doing extra bit is not good.
    a)  Maybe             b) True                   c) False

One should wait for the opportunity to come rather run after things.
    a)  False             b) Maybe                   c) True

I am obsessed with what I want to do in life.
     a) Always         b) Sometimes   c) Never

I want to have a) good comfortable family life b) immensely successful professional life c) Both.
        a) Both         b) a                  c) b

I should think only about the course I need to pursue and not really think about the college to do the course from.
       a) Maybe      b) True             c) False    

I see myself achieving big in life.
      a) Always      b) Sometimes               c) Never

Give yourself: a-10, b-5, c-0 for Question no’s 2,3,6,8,9,12
Give yourself: a-5, b-0, c-10 for Question no’s 1, 4,5,7,10,11


At this young age you need to now start thinking about what you want to do with this beautiful life. Ambition is the first stepping-stone, which takes an individual towards a purposeful life. Aspire to become one of the few recognized and significant contributors, as I am sure you would want to stand out. Therefore start thinking big after all whether you think big or small the investment is the same.


You are at the threshold of life wherein you are still confused and ambiguous about how ambitious you need to be. You want to be highly ambitious but are not sure whether you should think and act like wise. Of course, don’t worry and continue thinking big and even bigger as this world belongs to those who are ambitious. Please remember if your ambition is not big enough to activate shiver down the spines and make you look in disbelief than it is not worth pursuing.  So eliminate confusion from life and continue thinking big. 


Congratulations, you have realized at this young age that you have to have an extraordinary ambition in life that takes you to the elite world of successful people. However, please remember this is just the beginning. You have rightly taken the first step and from now on tirelessly work towards your ambition. Be determined towards your ambition and you will see no one can stop you from achieving it.