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How Sensitive Am I?

1. I end up spending more money than I should be, while shopping.

    a) Sometimes      b) Always      c) Never

2. My craving for any dish demands immediate indulgence

    a) Always      b) Sometimes     c) Never

3. I tend to get restless when I am not obeyed

    a) True      b) Maybe      c) False

4. I possess a habit which I want to get rid of for a long time

    a) Maybe      b) False      c) True

5. I often change my mind

     a) Maybe      b) True      c) False

6. I make last minute decisions.

    a) Always      b) Sometimes      c) Never

7. I have rarely walked out of discussions

    a) Maybe      b) False      c) True

8. I often say things that I later regret

    a) False      b) Maybe      c) True

9. I usually am unsuccessful in adhering to the routine that I set up.

    a) False      b) Maybe      c) True

10. I bunked / skipped my classes a lot

    a) Maybe      b) True      c) False

11. I end up doing something that I promised myself of not doing.

    a) Sometimes      b) Always     c) Never

12. I need to share all that happens with me instantly

    a) True      b) Maybe      c) False

Give yourself: a-10, b-5, c-0 for Question no’s 2,3,6,8,9,12
Give yourself: a-5, b-0, c-10 for Question no’s 1, 4,5,7,10,11


It is about time for you to do away with your impulsive behavior. Impulsiveness makes one lose sight of one's goals, and one continues to live for self aimlessly. It limits the comfort zone converting one into a self centered and selfish being. As a result people start avoiding you. You may not be able to appreciate the flip-side of impulsiveness as for the present you are with people who love you (friends and family). However, as you start working, you would realize not many people will be able to appreciate you realizing you to be impulsive and perhaps not reliable.


You are averagely impulsive. With outside world or acquaintances you are successfully able to regulate your impulsiveness. However, you find it difficult to be reclusive when alone or with your near ones. Thus, you know how to regulate your impulsiveness but at times want to enjoy and have an easy way out. People at your home may have to suffer the brunt of your impulsiveness as your behavior changes when you interact with outsiders. Please remember controlling impulsiveness in front of others is a good start but it should not stop there, otherwise you will never be able to discipline yourself and would be in-between the two personalities.


You are very few of those who know the importance of doing away with impulsiveness. You seem to have your life in good control with a lot of thinking and systems in place. You have been able to regulate your impulsiveness by sacrificing your smaller interests for the larger ones that you would have accomplished. Keep up the good work and the world will be with you since people can rely on you.