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How Positive/ Optimistic Am I?

1. I would like to be born again in the same family.

    a) True      b) Maybe      c) False

2. I have more friends than enemies

    a) Maybe      b) False      c) True

3. I start everything confidently, aware that I will achieve my objectives.

    a) Always      b) Sometimes      c) Never

4. I tend to forget bad experiences & embarrassing situations easily

    a) Sometimes      b) Never     c) Always

5. I often give the benefit of doubt to others

    a) Maybe      b) False      c) True

6. People are mostly selfish and self-centered

    a) False      b) Maybe      c) True

7. I will definitely be wealthy in life

    a) Maybe      b) False      c) True

8. People find me flexible and open to suggestions

    a) True      b) Maybe      c) False

9. I am convinced, sooner than later, that this world will be a happy place.

    a) True      b) Maybe      c) False

10. I can have healthy discussions with negative people for a long time

    a) Sometimes      b) Never      c) Always

11. Success in life is about shortcuts

    a) Maybe      b) True      c) False

12. I find life challenging and full of obstacles

    a) Never      b) Sometimes     c) Always

Give yourself: a-10, b-5, c-0 for Question no’s 1,3,6,8,9,12
Give yourself: a-5, b-0, c-10 for Question no’s 2, 4,5,7,10,11


At this young age, it is imperative for you to shape your mind and look at brighter side of life. The seed that you shall sow is what you shall reap. Everything starts from thoughts, therefore, if the seed is negative, the actions and subsequent results are bound to be negative. At this age, when you are beginning to craft your destiny, you need to break the shackles of pessimism and negativity and gallop tirelessly towards optimism. There may have been incidents in your life which could have put you onto the path of unconscious negativism; however, you need to sow the seed of optimism right now.


It is good that you are shaping your life in the right direction by trying to be positive. Indeed, you have taken the right path; however, you need to accelerate your speed of optimism. You need to continually feed your mind with positive thoughts, as sometimes you tend to fall into the trap of negativity, which induces confusion and frustration. Moreover, in this era where everyone wants to speed ahead, the only known vehicle is a positive state of mind, which is a manifestation of positive thinking.


Congratulations, you are full of optimism and sparkling with the right energy. Continue with this potent ability of positive thinking and in the near future, this world will embrace you with open arms. I appreciate your undaunted efforts because of which you have been able to invoke optimism, since this journey towards positive thinking is never easy. Nothing can stop you from achieving what you desire from life, except for overconfidence and complacency.